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How to Choose a Financial Advisor Long Island, New York



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Experience the Rossiter Financial Group difference. We combine the resources of a larger firm with the personal attention and care of a smaller practice. Our team sets us apart from the rest. We have a team of valued employees who will ensure you have a positive experience with every visit. Here at Rossiter Financial Group, we go above and beyond the role of Financial Advisor. We are passionate about building personal relationships with each client. Become a part of our family and experience the difference for yourself!


Choose the Right Advisor


There is a financial advisor out there for everyone. There is no one size fits all advisor. Based on your individual and unique needs, personality, and preferences, there are several factors you may consider when searching for the right advisor for you. Understand the various types of advisors, which services they offer, and how much you are willing to pay an advisor to invest in your financial future. Look into potential choices and their background. Research to ensure you have the information needed to make an informed decision.


The term financial advisor can be broadly applied. There are “robo-advisors,” online financial advisors, and traditional financial advisors. Services offered can vary, and each advisor may have their own specialty. It is essential to consider several factors when choosing the right financial advisor for you. Weigh your values and financial goals ahead of time to know what you want and need when selecting a financial advisor.


Three Important Factors to Consider When Selecting a Financial Advisor


  1. Shop Around – Meet with and get to know candidates to manage your wealth. You don’t have to hire the first financial advisor you meet. Make sure you feel good about who you are hiring.
  2. Compatibility – Choose an advisor who has a compatible strategy that aligns with your style. Some advisors may prefer to suggest an aggressive approach, while others may like a more conservative approach. The point is, find someone who fits your style and life-stage.
  3. Understand How they are Paid – Some advisors are fee-only, meaning they charge you a flat rate no matter what. Others charge a percentage of your assets under management. Then there are those paid based on commissions. It is crucial to understand how the advisor you are hiring is paid to make an informed decision.


What is an Independent Financial Advisor?


Independent advisors are not tied to a particular family of funds or products. They are held to the fiduciary standard and are required to act in their clients’ best interests. They are ethically motivated. Many independent advisor firms are owned by the individual advisors who operate them.


The Benefits of Independent Advisors

Some of the benefits of using an independent financial advisor include receiving customized guidance geared towards your individual needs and unique situation, a personal relationship with an actual human being, and expertise and ability to guide and support even the most complex financial cases. Independent financial advisors tend to have more freedom in managing your wealth because they are not tied to any specific funds or products.


Key Takeaways


Find an advisor who has your best interests at the forefront of their mind. At Rossiter Financial Group, we have a diverse team of advisors, administrative team members, and other specialists to build positive, lasting relationships with each client. You will experience the difference our team can make when you visit our firm. We give you the personal attention of a smaller practice and a larger firm’s resources all in one location. You can think of us as a one-stop-shop for all of your needs because our team is here to handle whatever your unique financial needs are.